Joel Mwangi Wamichwe


The COVID19 is a viral diseases found among various strains of corona virus. It derived its name COVID-19 from to its occurrence in the year 2019. Also referred to as Corona Virus, the disease is a global invisible enemy that has no respect to human status, race, boundaries or age. The disease has dealt a devastating blow to Global health and socio-economic fabrics, both at macro and micro-level. Most countries have been affected by the pandemic. Arising from the aforementioned the study aimed at examining whether the pandemic had any socio-Economic gains and challenges. The study found that, the pandemic resulted to certain gains such as, mass production of medical equipment and services, enhanced training and recruitment of medical personnel, research and innovation, cost-saving in hospitals, family cohesiveness, urban-rural migration, increased saving by state, international co-operation and understanding, awakening to National security, political machination among others. However, the corona-virus had also resulted to untold miseries both at National and house-hold level. Huge losses have been experienced, these include liquidations of businesses, shutdown of factories and manufacturing units, man-power attrition, congestion of health facilities, loss of life, global instability, possibility of Corona-Virus usage as biological weapon, psychological trauma, heavy spending by government, broken families among others. The study recommended that the Governments and house-holds put in place measures to contain and prevent the spread of the virus. That, each individual has personal responsibility to contain and prevent the spread. The state should come up with policies to cushion itself and the households from the negative effects of Covid-19. At Global level, the international bodies should do all it can, see to it that the virus is not weaponised, since its use can deal a devastating blow to the mankind.

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