Mary Chemtai Musivo, Dr. Perris Chege


Procurement management practices are becoming critical towards improving community based organization performance. In Kenya, most County Governments continue to lose a lot in community based organization project as a result of poor procurement management practices. There is an increase number of community projects that have worsened despite an advance increment in government and private initiatives.In Machakos County, Kenya the inefficiency and ineptness of project performance in CBO has revealed that, despite multiple efforts, project are barely completed, neither are these projects within the budget nor meet the timelines set thereby leading to these projects being abandoned or failed. The main intent of the survey included to ascertain the impact of procurement management practices on community-based projects within the County Machakos. Precise goals for this investigation: to measure; impact of tendering, supplier sourcing, contract management, and inventory management on the accomplishment of community-based schemes in Machakos County. The survey was guided by agency theory, stewardship theory, and resource dependence theory. The findings were based on a descriptive study. Forteen community based projects in Machakos County Kenya were the target population of this survey.? This survey employed census sampling technique to administer questionnaire. The questionnaire validity was tested using expert assessment and reliability was checked by use of Cronbach?s alpha where a 0.7 and above threshold was accepted. The study utilized descriptive statistic where mean and standard deviation were utilized to analyse data through the assistance of Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS) software version 22.To evaluate the link connecting procurement management practices and community based projects performance within Machakos County, Kenya where inferential statistic was involved with the use of regression analysis. The discoveries were demonstrated by use of tables and charts. The coefficient of correlation R was 0.812, showing a high positive connection between variables, according to the study findings. Base on the findings, the survey deduced that there is a positive significant connection amid organization management capacity to manage suppliers and project contracts and community base projects performance. This study proposes that community based organization projects need to formulate policies that ensure proper governance in dealing with tendering, supplier sourcing, contract management and inventory management.

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