Anne Nyambura Mburu, Mary Namusonge


The study sought to examine corporate branding strategies and performance of microfinance institutions in Kenya with a case study of Kenya Women Finance Trust. This study was guided by market-based view (MBV) theories. The study used descriptive research design. Moreover, target population comprised of 62 staff working top management and employees working in credit, finance/accounts and operations departments in Kenya Women Finance Trust. A census approach was used and hence the whole population was used in the study. This study used structured questionnaire to gather primary data while secondary sources of information including business journals and Microfinance reports were used. The questionnaires? validity and reliability was determined by conducting a pilot test with 10 percent of the sample size. The data was analyzed using inferential and descriptive statistics with the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 21. The study found that corporate branding strategies had significant positive effect on performance of the microfinance institutions in Kenya. The study recommends enactment of strong corporate branding marketing strategies which would greatly enhance the effectiveness of corporate branding and positioning. The study also recommends additional usage of technological platforms so as to avail financial products and services to as many clients as possible. In view of a moderate extent in the effectiveness of corporate brand positioning statement the study recommended formulation of major corporate brand positioning statement that would give the organization a competitive edge against other financial service providers and adopt viable corporate branding strategies so as to enhance overall performance of microfinance institutions.

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