Mercy Koros, Mary Ragui


Strategic direction is important in the development and implementation of as well as in decisions in an often-ambiguous environment. Despite the adoption of strategic direction in their strategic plan, Kenya National Highways Authority is experiencing challenges in its performance as toad construction projects in Kenya National Highways Authority exceed their intended budget, experience time overrun and others fail to achieve their objectives. Therefore, the study sought to investigate the effect of strategic direction on the performance of Kenya National Highways Authority. The research deployed descriptive survey design. Moreover, the researcher targeted 11 offices of Kenya National Highways Authority. Structured questionnaires were used in the collection of primary data. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used in the analysis of data with the help of statistical software known as Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 22. Descriptive statistics included standard deviation, mean and percentage) and regression analysis was used to assess the effect of strategic leadership practices on the performance of Kenya National Highways Authority. The analyzed data obtained from this study was presented in tables and figures. The results found that strategic direction has positive significant influence on organizational performance at Kenya National Highways Authority. The study recommends that the management of Kenya National Highways Authority should focus on improving vision and mission creation, development of objectives, decision making and strategic planning.  In addition, Kenya National Highways Authority needs to frequently review as well as revise the set objectives in order to effectively handle any arising need and also ensure that the goals can be achieved within the specified time-frame.

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