Stella Soy Chepkirui, Fredrick Kalui


The study sought to determine the effects of micro and macro-economic factors on bank liquidity in Kenya; the specific objectives are; to determine the effects of macroeconomic factors on bank liquidity; to determine the effects of microeconomic factors on banks liquidity and to determine the combined effect of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors on banks liquidity. The study utilized Commercial Loan theory; The Shiftability Theory and the Anticipated Income Theory of Liquidity. The population of the study consisted of 37 commercial banks in Kenya as of 2016. A census study of all banks that had been in operation for 5 years, were included in the study. Multiple regression analysis was applied to the data to examine the effect of level of customer‚s deposits, loan growth, capital adequacy, profitability and other effects macroeconomic factors on bank liquidity in Kenya. The results of multiple regressions suggest that the selected independent variables explain more than 10.8% changes in the net profit. By analyzing the other statistical results of multiple regressions we found that the results are very much consistent with the simple regression. All the results are not statistically significant and overall the study provides an idea that macro and micro factors are not the basic determinants of profitability in the banking sector. So it can be inferred that this promising and potential sector in Kenya can flourish very fast and enhance profitability by improving its liquidity position and operating efficiency. The government as a bank regulator through the CBK should adopt policies that ensure increased bank performance. Strict conditions of minimum liquidity and capital should continue being emphasized on to ensure none of the banks has lower of the two. Increased bank performance leads to general economic growth.

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